Bunker Rear Door Cover Set for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2019+ (Magnetic Mount)


  • $359.95

Efficient solution for privacy and insulation. Our magnetic mount system allows for easy on/off. Heat reflective material installed outward provides best heat protection, fabric installed outward provides best privacy in covert situations. Rolls neatly away when not in use. Fits Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model year 2019+, but does NOT fit the Winnebago Revel 2019+ or the Midwest Automotive Designs Passage 2019+. 

BLOCKS LIGHT - Blocks out exterior light for better sleep and privacy. Blocks out interior light to stay covert and under cover.

INSULATES - Make sure your van stays cool in the heat and warm in the cold temps with our closed-cell foam material.

REFLECTS HEAT - Heat reflecting fabric blocks 95% of radiant heat.

DURABLE - Our outdoor performance fabric is water, mold, and mildew resistant.

NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED - Easy on/off with magnetic mount system.


Dimensions: 29 x 24.5 in each

Cut, sewn and assembled in the USA

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